Thanksgiving week news

....more satisfying than your Grandmama's homemade dressing.

Before you stuff yourself with tryptophan and slip off into slumber, peruse this news:

  • Remember that holidays are often difficult for youth who have exited foster care without strong connections, including those in extended foster care who are on break from college or work. It’s so important that we find ways to welcome these youth into our homes. Here and here are a couple of stories about the issue. (I’m hoping to write about this issue more this week, if I can do it before I’m stuffed with turkey).

  • Oh, and here’s a nice story about an effort to get siblings separated in foster care together for a Thanksgiving meal.

  • A friend sent me this great article showing how, without through vetting of the facts and cross-disciplinary collaboration, a child abuse investigation can really go wrong.

  • Speaking of youth aging out, kudos to my fellow Washington County, GA native on this excellent editorial.

  • In case you missed it, here’s a good summary of a recent symposium at the University of Pennsylvania on the “family regulatory system” featuring Prof. Dorothy Roberts. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

  • “Public interest suit on behalf of children in foster care nets plaintiffs’ attorneys millions in fees.” Paywall, unfortunately, but the headline says it all.

  • Shared Hope has graded the states on their protections for child sex trafficking victims.

  • Robert Latham does a good job explaining child welfare and exploring data. Here’s his latest on the situation in Florida.

Happy Thanksgiving! If you have a place to live, people who care for you, and food on the table, give thanks!